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Your partner for best-match talent and perfect-fit resources, on-demand.

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Team Awaits.

Raheem Solutions Augment provides the necessary talent and strategies to effectively grow, scale, and manage your projects quickly. Whether it’s adding specialized skills to your team, increasing capacity, or ensuring seamless operation and swift evolution, they deliver the solutions you need to succeed.

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Choose As You Wish

Meet our team of expert developers, specialized in the latest technologies and trends. Our pool of highly skilled and vetted professionals are ready to take on your next project and deliver results. From blockchain to AI, our developers have a proven track record of success.

Time & Material

We are delivering top-quality solutions to meet all of your project needs. With our team of experienced professionals, you can expect exceptional results and unparalleled service. Let us help you achieve your goals with our flexible and cost-effective approach.

Staff Augmentation

We offer exceptional staff augmentation services, get access to top-notch staff augmentation services for app dev! Our team of experts delivers customized solutions to enhance your existing team and ensure project success. Contact us today to learn more!

Let's Talk.

Your On-Demand Talent Stack.

Your time and cost-saving path to the best-fit talent for you next project.

Extend your team

Our thorough matching process empowers us to set up teams of all sizes with profoundly trained, experienced spacialists.

Keep hiring cost low

We do recruitment the smart way. Our hiring processess have evolved to be extremely cost-effective and predictable.

Find talent globally

We build brilliant teams with handpicked local or global talent. Let us find you one from our vetted talent pool.

Improved skills & better talent

using modern tools and systems for efficient reporting, we guarantee you the right-sized skilled team for your project.

Ensure a fast hiring process

Fast turn around time for prompt requests of resources made by our clients to ensure their progress never halts.

Get the Best Talent, Fast

Our experienced recruitment professionals are ready to build your dream team, on-premises or at-home.

15+ Years of experience

13+ Global Delivery Centers

40+ Clients

100% Client Retention


   United Kingdom



Project-Ready Capabilities

Select from our expansive menu of recruitment skill-sets.


  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • ERP Development & Integration

Big Data

  • Big Data Services
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Data & Reports Analysts


  • White-paper Writing
  • Investor Pitch Writing
  • Copy Writing


  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Subject Matter Experts

A high-level selection of highly skilled experts
on demand for all leading platforms, tools & languages


Tools <

  • Android Studio
  • Xcode
  • Visual Studio
  • VS Code
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL Server />

Technologies <

  • Angular
  • React
  • React Native
  • Node js
  • Flutter
  • Android
  • IOS
  • .Net
  • .Net Core
  • Python
  • Solidity
  • PHP />

Languages <

  • Javascript
  • Php
  • C# />

Ready to work.

Find out which solution works best for your needs.

One Page NDA to begin the process

Simple and efficient SOW

World-class raheem solutions security standards

Offshore and @Home delivery

Low Risk - No liability until you like and want to keep a resource

Staff Augmentation

It’s just like hiring locally! You share your requirements with us, and our specialists select the best fit candidates for you.

Extended Teams and Culture


No Recruitment or Rehiring Cost

save 100%

Reduces Cost of Keeping Employees

save up to 100%

No Facilities or Infrastructure Cost

save 100%

Reduce Time Spent on Recruitment

7-15 days

Extensive Geographic Reach

4 global locations

Managed Services

It’s just like outsourcing the results. Raheem Solutions will be responsible for the delivery.

Raheem Solutions Assumes Control Over Execution So That You Focus On Other Priorities

SLA Commitments

Raheem Solutions Assumes Control Over Execution So That You Focus On Other Priorities

Hourly Rates

Tools and Process

Operational Assets


The Process


Raheem solutions works with the client to identify the main scope of the project and the exact requirements requested.


Raheem solutions begins sourcing talent to best fit your needs and create a candidate matrix to visualize your talent pool.


You will be presented with the candidate matrix to review the resumes of identified top talent and make your final selection.


Your hire will be briefed on your processes and ramped seamlessly on to your team and/or project.


We’re here to support every move. Scale up or down as needed with flexible options to adapt as your project moves forward with additional talent and skills as required.

For every journey, each step count.

Why choose raheem solutions over the competition?

Cross-Domain & Scale Expertise

Deep expertise and scale success across many different industries and specialized skill sets

Client Focus | Right-Sized Organization

Optimal size & leadership to provide dedicated client focus paired with global scale expertise

Employee Retention

Successful programmatic dedication to continuous agent training, engagement, and retention

Client Retention

A history of long-term client partnerships and a dedicated focus on continuous client success

Site Suitability & Performance

Secure, branded, & beautiful sites managed by long-term industry professionals

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